18 Signs Of A Narcissistic Co-Parent and How To Deal

Signs Of A Narcissistic Co-Parent

Make sure everything is included in the custody agreement, such as how many times day phone calls should be permitted. It may sound silly and unnecessary, but it will help when your ex is calling every hour demanding to know the child’s whereabouts and ruining your precious parenting time.

Clearly, a narcissist will never willingly agree to parallel parenting because that would force them to relinquish control over you. Keep in mind that this is your lawyer’s area of expertise so let them fight for you.

Although you will never be able to protect your child from the negative influence of their narcissistic parent, a parallel parenting plan with strong guidelines and boundaries is the best way to shield children from parental fights. The ultimate way to make the best out of a narcissistic divorce or custody battle is to improve and protect yourself.

Finding a good therapist, trusting your lawyer, and surrounding yourself with strong, loving individuals is just one barrier between you and your narcissistic ex. When you improve your life and get physically and mentally stronger, you are creating a better environment for your children. In turn, your children will want to be with you and in your environment.

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A happy existence, despite the custody issues or financial stress, is something that your ex can never take away.


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Signs Of Narcissistic Co-Parent pin
Signs Of A Narcissistic Co-Parent pin
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