Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome: 10 Signs You’ve Experienced Narcissistic Abuse

Signs You’ve Experienced Narcissistic Abuse

Seek help

Consult a trauma-informed counselor who understands and can help guide you through the symptoms of trauma. Make a safety plan if you have concerns about your abuser getting violent,” concludes author Shahida Arabi. They can also help you realize that it is not your fault and you do not deserve to be abused by anyone. So make sure to reach out for help if you are experiencing the symptoms of NAS, particularly suicidal ideation.

Although leaving an abusive relationship may not be easy, with determination, therapy, and support from loved ones you can recover fully and live a better, happier life.

Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

Signs Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome pin
Signs You’ve Experienced Narcissistic Abuse pin
Signs Experienced Narcissistic Abuse pin
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