5 Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist

Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist

4. Ghosting

Narcissists love to play hot and cold. One minute the narcissist might be love bombing you and the next minute – they aren’t responding to your messages at all. Of course, not every person that doesn’t respond to a message is a narcissist but it’s important to see whether the lack of response or ghosting seemed natural following the love bombing.

If this is a pattern, definitely watch out as they are trying to gain control over you by messing with your neuronal patterns! The hot and cold behaviors of a narcissist are intentional- they want you to swoon and then be worried that they are no longer interested in you. It’s sickening, really. Definitely be careful about any ghosting, silent treatments, and hot/cold texting patterns.

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5 Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist

5. Bragging.

Similar to self-centered messages, narcissists will also brag about themselves any chance they can get. Although the person may be asking you all of the right questions and seemingly interested in you, if you notice that they are constantly talking about their accomplishments or talking down upon others and their failures – it may be a sign that a narcissist is on the other end of that phone.

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If you have experienced more than one of these in a text exchange with someone, it is likely that they have a higher level of narcissistic tendencies than normal people do. At that point, you may want to re-evaluate the relationship.

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Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist pin
5 Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist
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5 Signs You Are Texting With A Narcissist
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