Does He Have A Secret Crush On You? 45 Subtle Signs To Know

Secret Crush Subtle Signs Know

37. He always reaches out first.

If you guys are friends already, you probably speak a lot, so watch out for him making the first move. It can be a simple as sending you a meme on social media or he could always be the one scheduling your hangouts.

Either way, this shows he’s willing to put himself out there if it means you get to interact.

38. He gives you advice.

Men love to have solutions, but only in situations where they care about the outcome. If you’re having a hard time at work or are going through personal problems, and he’s there with guidance and advice, it means he’s invested in your life. 

39. His behavior changes when other men are around. 

Does he change the subject when you talk about other guys? Or come across standoffish if a man approaches you in front of him?

This is probably because he wants to be the main man in your life and feels threatened when he’s not. 

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40. His friends say he likes you. 

Sometimes we’re clueless until other people draw attention to things. If people who know him or have observed you two together say that there’s something between you, there probably is.

This works especially well in your favor if they call it out in front of you and you see him blush or deny things a little too much. Blushing cannot be hidden and it’s a clear sign that he has crush on you.

41. He talks to you about his future. 

If he talks about his aspirations and personal plans a lot, it’s possible he wants your feedback. He’s trying to see if your goals align or if you fit into his ideal life. 

42. He drunk dials you.

You know what they say: “drunk words are sober thoughts.” This obviously isn’t subtle if he’s confessing his feelings to you when drunk, and it’s not flattering if he only hits you up when he’s drunk and wants to come over.

But if he’s texting you on a night out to say that he wants to do something tomorrow, or is just asking you how you are, it’s nice to know that he can’t keep you off his mind. It is another clear sign that he has a crush on you.

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43. He remembers the little things. 

Does he bring you cookies every time he passes your favorite bakery? Or texts you good luck for every exam you take?

This is a clear sign of affection and proves that he can’t help but keep you in his thoughts. 

44. He shows you his weird side.

It takes a lot to reveal your goofy laugh or show off your uncanny Mickey Mouse impression. But if he does, it means he feels comfortable and safe around you.

45. His friends leave you alone together. 

Notice if his roommates are rarely home when you come over to hang out, or if his friends often disappear to the dancefloor to leave you two alone at the bar. It’s possible that he’s already told his friends that he likes you, so they’re trying to give you guys space to make a move. 

Did you just find out if he has crush on you?

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