25 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

 May 14, 2019

25 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

22. You crave peace

You thrive in calm, peaceful and supportive environments.

Negative environments push you over the edge. You can’t stand to be around too much yelling, harshness or chaos as you absorb those energies more than most.

You strive to make your home a calm, peaceful sanctuary and are likely a bit of a homebody.


23. You give free therapy

Because you’re so empathetic, people are often drawn to you and quickly share their problems with you.

You are a deep thinker, analytical, emotionally intelligent and you love to lend a helping hand. You know how to make people feel seen, heard and comforted.

Your natural instinct is to help, but sometimes you give too much of yourself. You need to be careful of people who try to take advantage of your conscientiousness and constantly unload their problems on you.


24. You romanticize

You love intensely. You fall hard and fast.

Love can consume you. When you find it you hold on to it tightly. This makes you a loyal partner but can sometimes cause you to hold on to a failing relationship for longer than you should.

In friendships, you go deep not broad. You likely have a small handful of lifelong friends you can count on through the thick and thin.

You don’t feel the need to be friends with everyone but would rather keep your circle small and stable.


25. You are strong

Society may have equated sensitivity with weakness but that’s a misconception.

You have a deep and reliable strength that sometimes surprises you.

You are a fully awake to the world and emotionally intelligent.

You are the advisors, the encouragers, the artists and the compassionate souls who help to make this a more colorful and humane world.

You believe in lifting others up, instead of diminishing them. You believe in the power of kindness.

You believe in doing what is right, even when it’s not easy.

You are the light in a sometimes very dark world. And the world is counting on you to let your light shine.


Written by Liz Craethers

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25 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

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