10 Signs He’s Playing With Your Emotions


7. He acts like the king of mixed signals.

He does “couples” stuff with you, but refuses to be a couple with you. He’s affectionate one second, then icy the next. He’s flirting with you to the point that it’s unmistakable, but then claims he’s not flirting. Sound familiar? If so, he’s playing with your heart pretty badly.


8. You seem to be expected to tolerate his bad behavior, but it’s never really reciprocated.

Guys who play with girls emotions operate on a LOT of double standards, and often just assume that you should play according to their rules. If he seems to go by a different set of rules than what you go by, it’s safe to say he’s toying with you.


9. He’s always lying to you or excusing his actions with vague explanations.

Not acceptable, and a trademark of guys who choose to manipulate girls to their advantage. This should be an instantly dump-able offense for you.


10. Your gut says he’s playing games with you.

When in doubt, follow your gut instinct – even if you want to believe otherwise. More often than not, it’s correct and will steer you away from bad news.

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