7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit

Signs You are Free Spirit

7. “I will not be enslaved” is your unconscious motto

As a natural rebel, you seek to remove beliefs, ideologies, habits, careers, and people from your life that cause you to feel oppressed, and therefore enslaved. You do this on both a physical and a metaphysical (or emotional/mental/spiritual) level.

You are attracted to people and paths that encourage the growth of your passionate spirit. You refuse to be tamed by the opinions or desires of others. You may be perceived as selfish, but deep down you know that you must respect and love yourself in order to share your gifts with the world.

If the beliefs, habits, and traumas within YOU are the source of your own suffering, you’ll try your utmost to free yourself from them. You realize that in order to be fully free, you must be comfortable and at home within yourself.

Therapy, self-exploration, inner work, and spiritual practice will all be methods by which you seek to liberate yourself from suffering. Being a free spirit will become less about traveling the external world as it will be about traversing, and mastering the inner landscape.

How to Be a Free Spirit?

You might be unsure about where you stand right now. You might want to be a free spirit, but your behavior may indicate otherwise.

As I mentioned before, being a free spirit is a choice that arises from deep within you. When the pain of staying the same becomes more than the pain of growing, you will choose growth more than complacency.

And if you don’t feel that pain intensely enough yet, don’t worry. Just look at flowers: they start as tightly furled buds. But eventually, life demands that they open. You are the same. We all are.

So ultimately, no matter what happens, eventually Life demands that we arise out of our stupors, free ourselves of the shackles that bind us, and unite again with that Divine essence which lies in the heart of all of us.

This may arise out of a sudden spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul, or trauma that besets us out of nowhere. Or it may just be a slow disintegration of our satisfaction with life.

Whatever the case, you are destined to be a free spirit, you can be assured of that.

I realize that my definition may be different than others, and that’s fine. But when examining the word “freedom,” in relation to the “free” spirit, I apply it holistically to the entire spectrum of a person, which means the outer and inner worlds.

A major part of embodying the free spirit essence is liberating yourself from everything that holds you back. This is an external and internal process.

Let go of the stereotypical notion that you have to cut ties with everyone and wander barefoot through the world to be a free spirit. You don’t even have to like traveling to be a free spirit. Nor do you have to be a modern hippy or bohemian.

Being a free spirit is an essence, a call that emerges from deep inside. 

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When we are in touch with this inner fire, we are in touch with the inner wolf; that powerful force that craves freedom above all else. We might have to become a lone wolf for a while, we might have to leave the confines of social convention. But the journey is worth taking, for, without it, we’ll eventually wind up feeling empty and dead inside no matter how comfortable our external lives look.

Do you agree with the definition of the free spirit put forth in this article? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with living as a free spirit. Please share it below!

Written by MATEO SOL
Originally appeared in LONERWOLF

Being a free spirit is truly a liberating experience, and if you are one, then you might relate to this article very well. Turning into a free spirit might seem like a challenging notion, but as long as you are in touch with your soul, and your inner peace, you are well on the way of being one.

If you want to know more about being a free spirit, then check this video out below:

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