10 Signs Of An Emotional Masochist

emotional masochist

5. They Are Always Listening To Depressing Music.

They have an unhealthy attachment and attraction towards listening to depressing and sad music and listen to it all the time. Even though it’s not a bad thing to listen to sad music, but emotional masochists do this because they relate to the lyrics of the songs very much, and believe that the same things happen to them.

Another reason why they love listening to depressing music is that they inherently feel that these songs understand their feelings and understand how they see life. These songs might make them feel a bit better temporarily, but it ends up being more painful in the long run.

6. They Suffer From Eating Disorders.

If someone is an emotional masochist, then chances are they suffer from an eating disorder; either they starve themselves or they end up overeating and binge-eating. They might feel that only food will be able to fill the void inside them, or that they don’t deserve to eat and only deserve to suffer.

No matter what the reason is, it’s harmful to the body, mind, and soul. If you know someone who is struggling with an eating disorder, encourage them to seek therapy and try to overcome this.

7. They Put Up With Toxic People And Their Toxicity, Despite Knowing They Shouldn’t.

When someone is an emotional masochist who likes to cause pain to themselves, they have no trouble tolerating and accepting toxic people and their toxicity. They end up putting up with their negativity, abuse, controlling, and demeaning nature, no matter how much it hurts them. Emotional masochists let people treat them this way because, on a subconscious level, they feel that they deserve this kind of treatment.

So, they let them do whatever they want with them, and make no efforts to stop them. Toxic people keep on hurting them and abusing them because those people believe they have the right to do this.

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8. They Have A Hard Time Holding On To Friendships.

The smallest of arguments cause them to end friendships, even the ones that have been in their lives for several years. Because they are so used to emotional pain, they find ways to hurt themselves and victimize themselves, so that they have a reason to break off their friendship with someone. This affects them badly, but they just can’t help it, no matter how hard they try.

They indulge in this kind of self-defeating behavior, because they constantly need something to feel guilty about and hate themselves; it’s like a vicious cycle. They make friends, make beautiful memories with them, and then something happens and the friendship is over for good.

9. They Have An Unstable Career Where They Fail Most Of The Time.

They might have the perfect job or even their dream job, but unfortunately, they will do something or the other to sabotage it and make things difficult for themselves. This keeps on happening with every job they get, and after a point, they run the risk of destroying their whole career and future.

They might go to work every day, but not do any work at all. They will deliberately not listen to the advice of their superiors, and always try to do things their way, which ends up creating further problems. They fail to get along with their colleagues. They fail to meet targets and struggle to do what is expected of them. In other words, their emotional masochism pushes them to emotionally destroy their own career.

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