9 Warning Signs Of A Controlling Boyfriend

Controlling Boyfriend

 Everything looks fine within limits. When it exceeds limits it becomes a red flag, shoved right into your face! 

Initially, 10-20 times calls will look like they are dying without you, missing every molecule of you. But over time, he will start crossing borders to ask you about the route you took, or if someone is accompanying you, or even might end up asking you if you lied to him about where you are going or not.

Does this sound hot anymore?

What you can do about it: 

Never entertain questions which feed his insecurities.

Also, do not answer questions which you think might be off the track leading to doubting and blaming you for things you never did. Make it clear to him that you are genuinely loyal and you wish to be respected for that. 

The more you answer his questions, the worse will his treatment be because you are providing him with what he wants – control over you.

6. Stalking you.

man stalking

The worst type of manipulation that your controlling boyfriend can implement on you is stalking you, be it in person or on social media. 

Suppose you informed your boyfriend about a sudden plan that you have made with your girlfriends after your office. Did he mysteriously drop by your office premises during your end office hours, to give you a surprise visit? Were you secretly upset about his behaviour? 

If you express disappointment for this, he will go a step further and successfully make you feel guilty about your behaviour. 

Does he often drop by randomly to surprise you? You might like it a few times in the beginning, before the ‘surprises’ starts becoming an ‘obvious habit’.

He might even end up creating fake ids on social media to find out “what you are up to”. When every of your single move is being tracked, it counts among manipulation and emotional abuse

What you can do about it:

Let him know that his weird stalking behaviours are not a secret anymore. Don’t play along.

Tell him straight up how these stalking is turning out to be toxic for the relationship. If he cares enough, he will immediately stop.


7. Throwing temper tantrums if you do not reply to him immediately. 

A controlling boyfriend will always get hostile if any of his phone calls or texts get unanswered. It will, more often than not, be absolutely unintentional on your part. Your phone might be on silent mode, or you might be stuck in a situation, or you might have lost your phone altogether! Whatever might be the reason, he will be furious if he does not get his way.

A controlling boyfriend will never consider anything more important than himself in your life.

What you can do about it:

Again, do not feed his immaturity. Explain to him that there will be situations where something else other than him will be a priority. If he understands you, well and fine. If he doesn’t, he’s not worth your valuable time and efforts.

8. Blowing up when you use your phone around him.

Woman distracted looking at her smart phone

You touch your phone to use it, look at his face and his facial expression changes. You feel like he has caught you red-handed cheating on him. 

He wants you 100% to himself and not even a second wasted to some nonsense texts. It might be a text, mail or call requiring your immediate attention but who cares? What else can be more urgent to you other than his attention?

What you can do about it:

This might take you some courage; Tell him that he is a very significant part of your life but certain other things might need your urgent attention and time. This does not take away his place in your heart.


9. Intimidating you. 

You boyfriend must be someone who understands you and calms you down not someone who makes you anxious and nervous. Dating a controlling boyfriend is like walking on eggshells. It’s ridiculous how a trivial behaviour on your part can entirely blow him up.

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