4 Signs You Are The Child Of A Toxic Parent

Signs Child Of Toxic Parent

2. Control the location.

Setting the location for your interactions with the toxic parent is also a way to limit problem behaviors. Meeting in a public space allows you to leave if they do not respect your boundaries, and it also creates a neutral place where you are less likely to fall into old patterns of behavior, a common issue if you meet in the family home.

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3. Self-care.

Be kind to yourself. You do not need to spend every holiday or special event with your parents. Instead, spend time with people that are positive, make you feel great about yourself, and that encourage you to continue to be the wonderful person you are.

Talking to a therapist or counselor can also be instrumental in helping understand the impact toxic parents have had on your life and developing effective management strategies for the relationship going forward.


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Written By Sherry Gaba
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

If you are the child of a toxic parent, then setting boundaries, prioritizing yourself, and choosing the right location to meet them are some of the best things you can do, to manage their toxicity from spilling onto you.

Signs Child Of Toxic Parent pin
4 Signs You Are The Child Of A Toxic Parent
Signs Child Of A Toxic Parent pin
4 Signs You Are The Child Of A Toxic Parent

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  1. Sherry all those are true and sadly real. But I think it falls short or maybe is misleading. Many times the toxic parent will blame the other parent or make it look like the other parent is the toxic one. When it’s really the opposite. In the house of a narcissist or psychopath or a long list of others, everyone is a victim. Those people love to hate.

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