15 Warning Signs Your Boyfriend Has Insecurity Issues

9. He keeps checking your updates online

The moment you put up something on any of your social media accounts, he knows. And god forbid you to put up something without telling him about it first. This becomes quite ominous after a while.

10. He tries to find out who you talk to and what you’re talking about.

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If you’re texting, he’ll try to stand behind you and read what you’re typing. He might try to casually find out who it is or he’ll just bluntly order you to let him check your phone.

You could just be watching funny cat videos but he’ll always be suspicious that you’re keeping some secrets.

11. His lavish affection is overwhelming.

It does feel good to receive extravagant presents and have your every whim fulfilled but it will soon become overbearing.

You will be forced to wonder whether he truly loves you or if he’s just trying to bribe you into staying with him.

12. He’s always suspect you of cheating.

He’s made the craziest accusations about you carrying on affairs with everyone from a random salesperson to a colleague because he fully believes that you could do much better than him.

13. He wants you with him all the time

You initially feel flattered that as soon you leave, he’ll send a message telling you how much he wishes you were back with him. We all like to feel needed but this can get annoying fast.

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He’ll want you with him all the time even if you have important work to do. He’ll even make you feel bad just for taking time out to do your job or hang out with friends and family.

14. His happiness is fully dependent on you.

While it is important to be in tune with your partner’s needs, he will just be too needy. As long as you’re relaxed and in a good enough mood to constantly validate him, he will be happy.

But if you are busy and stressed, he’ll just fall apart. You’ll always feel like you need to be happy just for him.

15. He cannot handle being told that he is wrong.

Even if you mean well when you criticize him, he will take it too seriously. He is already insecure and your criticism will only make him feel that he was right about himself.

If you try to address any issues you might have, he’ll just end up blaming it all on you.

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