Zodiac Signs As Grandmas

Zodiac Signs as Grandma

Zodiac Signs as Grandmas:  

Aries: The Latin grandma that can kick your ass.  

Taurus: The grandma that can cook.  

Gemini: The grandma that once a week invites all the other grandmas of the neighborhood and start gossiping.  

Cancer: The grandma with 1,000,000 grandchildren.  

Leo: The fashionable grandma that is probably married to someone rich.  

Virgo: The grandma with the best garden of the neighborhood.  

Libra: The grandma that keeps all the balls that end up in her garden.  

Scorpio: The crazy cat grandma.  

Sagittarius: The grandma who has her house full of porcelain figurines that you can’t touch.  

Capricorn: The grandma who really doesn’t know how to use a computer.  

Aquarius: The grandma that uses hashtags, has a really famous Instagram account and probably posts ootd pictures.  

Pisces: The grandma that lives in an island alone and has a very natural and peaceful life.


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