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Zodiac Signs And Their Acts Of Service

Zodiac Signs And Their Acts Of Service

Zodiac Signs And Their Acts Of Service

Aries: energetically gasses you up while you complain about your ex for the millionth time

Taurus: is always home if you lock yourself out

Gemini: distracts you from your woes with tales of their own drama

Cancer: gets two of everything on their grocery list to share with you

Leo: underdresses to your birthday party so they don’t outshine you

Virgo: lays themselves across a puddle and lets you walk over them so you don’t get your socks wet

Libra: only talks shit about you behind your back out of kindness

Scorpio: calls you on your bullshit without sugarcoating it

Sagittarius: sets you up with their favorite ex-fling

Capricorn: always has ibuprofen handy

Aquarius: gives you a pat on the back and says “It is what it is”

Pisces: validates your self-destructive behavior

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