Brutal Truths That Sigmund Freud Told Us About Life

Brutal Truths That Sigmund Freud Told Us About Life

8. People can defend themselves against attacks, but they are vulnerable to compliments.

Most of us cannot tolerate criticism, so we try and find weaknesses of those criticizing us to hurt them 

9. One needs to turn a maze into a razor straight line to understand women.
Actually, this is not a fact. Maybe the problem is that men are so predictable.

10. I’ve always sought for power and confidence outside. But these two are always inherent. And they are always there for us to find them.

Self-confidence is trusting your “self.” These are the key elements that everyone needs to have, as long as they do not contribute to egoism. Everything is in our hands, and this has always been the case. We have always thought the way we wanted to, we have always heard as much as we wanted to hear, and we have always seen as much as we wanted to see.

The glass had to be half full or half empty for us. We haven’t been able to accept things as they are. We did not understand what we were told. And yet, we got upset every time. The reason for that was lack of confidence, because if we believed in ourselves and the power that we possess, we would understand as we were told and see as we were shown.

Brutal Truths That Sigmund Freud Told Us About Life
Sigmund Freud
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