Should we not look out what lies beneath the belly of astronomy?

 February 08, 2019

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But it is not that the geographic axis of the earth should have got tilted to its axis rotation due to its “gesture of benevolence” just to have ensured that we could enjoy the benefits of having so many different seasons around the year.

Only human beings may have such gestures – not any “nonliving beings”.

We can’t expect the earth to have been so considerate to us as to have tried to let its axis get tilted so that we could have had such a variety of seasons, as we have on our planet.   

So, that is what we may call the “Reason Aspects” of the inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth.

Beside it, it draws on us that every celestial object can, itself, acquire a speed of revolution, an inclination of its geographic axis to its axis of rotation and the major and minor abscissas of its orbit that may let it get into a “State of all time equilibrium” in the sky.

We may, as well, call it even the “First Law of Cosmology”. 

Shall we reckon it as a property of the celestial bodies of the same type as the property of the light rays that get reflected by a mirror by the same angle as may be their angle of incidence?

Have we ever questioned when a light ray gets reflected – why the angle of reflection has to be the same as the angle of incidence?

All we know is that the angle of reflection happens to be the same as may be the angle of incidence? But we have never bothered to also think “Why it ought to have been the same?”

Not to have tried to ever think why it has to be so is what we may call, “Our failure to have looked out – what lies below the belly of the Physics”, the same way as not to have thought of the reason why the Sun oscillates while racing around the centre of the galaxy amounts to Not having bothered to look out for what lies beneath the belly of the Astronomy”. 

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