Should we continue with the old traditions indiscriminately?

Should we continue with the old traditions indiscriminately?

There are so many traditions we keep on following in our communities just out of respect for our ancestors even if we very well know in our heart that they do not resonate well any more.

We forget that such traditions had been set by our ancestors keeping in mind the conditions in which they were constrained to live but we don’t live under same constraints any more.

So we should change our traditions with time without giving in out of emotional attachment to such traditions giving due thought to the changes that have taken place in our societal setup.

For sure, we are not living under the same environs in which they had been living.

Let me take a typical case of one of such traditions to explain what I am hinting at by such an assertion.

What our ancestors may have handed down to us may have been pertinent in the past during their lifetime as the system of all women setting themselves ablaze in India may have been pertinent during their time so that the invaders could not have molested them or may have demoralised them if they lost in war to them. So, this practice had become more or less the order of the day during their time.

This custom was known as Jauhar or Sati in the past under which thousands of women used to immolate themselves. But this custom had been legally banned in the year 1829.

So actually we should keep on reviewing what practices do not resonate well now and should try to discontinue such practices as may not resonate well any more.

We should not think it necessary to continue with them even if they do not resonate well with time.

Let us look at the custom of matching horoscopes, for instance, followed in certain sections of the Indian community prior to marriage. This practice is based on the belief in the sanctity of “Astrology”.

Checking the Sanctity of Astrology

Just imagine whether all the people who die in a stampede or in riots or in a war may ever have born under such stars that would justify their death in a stampede, in a riot or in a war?

Do you think, all the people who had been incarcerated in the concentration camps during the regime of Adolf Hitler should have been incarcerated because they should have born under such stars as should have led them to have been incarcerated so inhumanly in the concentration camps as they had been incarcerated?

The same is true of the people who die in the rail accidents due to a derailment.

Or think of the people who had boarded the Cruiser “Titan” on its maiden cruise that had struck against some iceberg and had lost their life. Is it at all possible that all of them may have had identical Natal Charts?

If you believe, not – do you think we should attach any sanctity to astrology in our life?

Should we not debunk astrology – altogether?

I have given this analogy only to impress upon you – why we should, better, exercise our own judgement instead of having blind faith in everything that has been handed down to us by our ancestors.

Another such thing is “religion”.

Checking the Sanctity of Religions 

Three foremost religions are Christianity, Islam and the Hindu religion.

People, nowadays, have realized that all is not well with all of them.

For instance, in Hinduism, the followers of Kali Maa believe in sacrificing a goat to the deity to propitiate her.

In Islam also, they celebrate their festival Bakrid by sacrificing goats en mass not minding how horrible sight it gives when we look at the raw blood flowing even on the roads here and here, as may be seen in the following picture which shows a Bangladeshi girl walking on a floor – profusely stained with blood on the occasion of Eid al-Adha festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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