Sherpa of My Life

Hundreds of climbers every year attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. It is a dangerous mission so most climbers rely on help from mountain guides, known as Sherpa. The word ‘Sherpa’ is commonly used to describe someone who is a mountain guide or porter working in the Everest area. Sherpa are local people who are highly skilled and experienced climbers. Without Sherpa, most climbers would not be able to get up the mountain.

British mountaineer Kenton Cool, who’s climbed Everest 11 times, explains: “The Sherpa are so important. For one, they’re the local people, so they know the culture, they know the area, they know the people. “But when it actually comes to climbing the mountain they have this phenomenal energy and power on the mountain. “So pretty much any climber that may go to Everest will use Sherpa to help get the logistics in place, all the ropes, all the tents and things like that.

“They really are the backbone of any expedition.” – Sherpa

Life itself is a journey and many times it gets as tougher, harder as climbing an Everest, and we all need a Sherpa. Sherpa is present in our life sometimes as a guide, a mentor, guru, teacher or other times as a motivator, colleague, friend, assistant and helps us achieve, what we were born for !! Think about your life till today, did you get a Sherpa ? You sure had one at least but maybe you moved ahead with your laurels leaving behind your sherpa -unrecognized. Can you identify! If you start reversing your life with your eyes closed, you would identify Sherpa of your life.

Without such good soul in your life, you were nowhere and if you see yourself right now nearing the purpose of life or near to achieving your goal in life, it is only with guidance of “Sherpa” that you are overcoming the failures and reaching the summit of success.

Life is a journey with milestones and it might not be a smooth ride, your Sherpa will come to help you the moment you seek guidance, just as the Law of Attraction says “positive thoughts bring positive experiences!!”. Once you seek they will appear from anywhere, you can recognize them with your heart. You heart would start accepting them as your Sherpa as though they were born for that moment for you. We all fall down mountains; many times throughout our lives. It’s how we handle these falls that define us. Our falls can become our blessings. They can be the fuel for our life, helping us, launch us on the most desired transformation or achievement as well as fuel for making our life a masterpiece.

Mark Twain once said – “The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born and the day you learn Why You Were Born.”

The question “Why you were born ?” is still a mystery and searching for its answer is no less than mountain climbing. At some point of time, I was facing challenges, I was struggling to find the lost life in me.These were challenges that were painful and all new to me. I had to recreate myself in so many ways, all while not trying to let life run on me. My self-awareness and introspection and talking a lot to myself about “Why you were born?” Led me to connect with my inner conscious, my soul and in other words when you are so lost and heart broken in your life, if you sit back and quietly listen, there would be this inner clear and pure voice calling, our soul and Sherpa for life.

We all have scars. It’s what life is all about. It wasn’t until we truly embraced our vulnerability that we truly began to live life again. You too would have a life’s story connected to Sherpa of your life.Think about him/her and appreciate the well being of same who gave you the wings to fly and strength to keep flying high.

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