She Won Again

She Won Again

She sneaks up without any sort of warning; just as the time comfort sinks in and the Sandman starts to lull you to sleep– She takes her victims then, in their most vulnerable and weakest state, holding them close, rocking them awake with her haunting lullaby. That’s the moment when my eyelids get heavy, my thoughts start to stir, my legs get restless, and vision starts to blur; that’s when I know she has a tight grasp and I’m in for a dark and lonely night.

The silence through the room is deafening. The airflow through the hallway is bone-chilling. Back and forth, I toss and turn. Hoping that maybe I might find a position worth falling asleep in. I hear the soft hum of the song she sings and it gets louder. I look around, searching desperately for the Sandman. I see him running into the darkness and I try to run after him, but my feet are frozen. I try yelling, but nothing comes out.

I stop fighting. I stop trying to get away from her. It’s useless.

I open my eyes, like always. I sit up and stare into the darkness around me; out the window I see a dark blue color and the sky is getting brighter. The sun is rising.

Insomnia has won another round.

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