If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

“She is a problem you would never want to solve”

It is wisely said that “behind every successful man, there is a woman”. But the question to be inquisitive about is ‘what sort of women?’

Human life is all about forming bonds and strengthening it with love care and affection. The close ones are the only source of inspiration that helps in moving ahead continuously. But love and affection are not the only two elements required. Sometimes you need a person who can make you look through the darker side of yours and hence improve you as a person.

Life becomes much easier if the girl you fell for, comes into your life and shakes it upside down. That might sound terrifying but, if she does not scare the hell out of you, she is not the one.

She needs to be the one who can be your mirror to reflect the truth, a guide to lighten up your way to success, a booster to help you chase your dream and that dreadful cop who can bring goosebumps and activate the genes of laziness within you.

The majority defines a perfect girlfriend with traits like good looking, charming, sweet, easy-going, patient and submissive. If you are one among those, take a moment and think… are you actually looking for a life partner to help you go through thick and thin, one who can drag you out of your comfort zone, who will actually make effort to change you into a better human and transform you into a personality you never thought about before?

Well, be daring enough to challenge yourself. She might be tough to handle but worth spending your precious moments with. Life would be meaningful if you would overlook the show dolls and gather the courage to let a stronger girl peep into your life.


5 signs if she doesn’t scare the hell out of you, she’s not the one:

1. She will make you a fighter –

She is well aware of what she deserves and believes in fighting to achieve everything. Also, she cannot see you settling down at a lower cost. She will prick and poke you to get out of your bed and take a step ahead every day. Spending the relationship days merrily by neglecting the ambitions and dreams is not what something you can expect her to do. She is mature enough to think for both of you.


2. She will make you think beyond the league –

her extraordinary thinking will help to explore the unexplorable fields. She will help you find the best way to reach the destination. Her continuous efforts to enlighten you with the problems and the solution to it are actual inspirations. She will make you think against the crowd and hence become the best.


3. She has high expectations –

Since she is high on demands, she would make you work harder in order to meet the standard point. Her strong personality never allows her to compromise for anything less. Hence you need to make an extra effort to prove yourself as a deserving keeper. Her personality’s charm is mesmerizing enough to bind you to her but you won’t be provided any space to make excuses.


4. She prefers harsh talks over the mushy chats –

She is not one of those kiddish girlfriends who would spend days and nights talking non-sense. She would prefer to show you the flaws within you, the darker faces of yours and the drawbacks of your personality. You will find a bunch of the people appreciating your positives, but it takes courage and real love to show someone the mirror of mistakes.


5. She will give you goals –

Once you allow her to understand you entirely, she will push you harder to find reasons and logic behind everything and thereby find answers to the questions that would ultimately lead you to set some goals in life. She will make you forget the wasteful past and create a destination to be reached in the future.

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