She said: Don’t get too close

She said:
“Don’t get too close.
It’s dark Inside.
It’s where my demons hide.”

And I answered:
“Get too close,there is a hell inside of me,it’s where your demons can live.”

43 thoughts on “She said: Don’t get too close”

  1. Until you realize the girls dialog is actually the chorus from imagine dragons song demons, then this situation just kinda seems like the girl was singing along to her music when some dude comes up and says that making the situation creepy awkward and a little ridiculous xD

  2. Girl: *takes out earbud*, wait did you say something

    Guy: I said get close there’s a hell inside me in which your demons can live

    Girl: *laughs*

    Guy: *hello darkness my old freind*

  3. Then 2 weeks later into the dysfunctional relationship and matching couples tattoos, She said, “All men are Assholes” and He answered “you’re a psycho bitch” they continue to creep each others’ facebook statuses for all eternity. Nighty night! 😛

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