She Refused To Give In

She Refused To Give In

Her personality is what made her stand out from the rest. She was born with wit, sarcasm, quick comebacks, and always knew how to make someone laugh. She had a kind heart with a certain charm about her that was hard to turn away from, once getting to know her. She was an extroverted introvert; quiet and calm, not purposely making a spotlight on herself in a crowd— but when she got comfortable and let her hair down without hesitation, that’s what was worth staying around for!

The ones who wanted to get to know her were always giving compliments on her smile and eyes, but the ones who knew her always waited for the next thing to come out of her mouth. Independent and intelligent, she made something of herself and wasn’t afraid to fight for what she wanted, admit to her flaws and mistakes, or back away completely when she felt something was toxic.

But she wasn’t always like this— for most of her adult life, she was in a shell, torn down and abused by the ones who captured her heart. Manipulation, brainwashing, inconsistency, and held prisoner in her own mind, was all she knew for many years. She felt pushed in a corner when she spoke, tore down when explaining herself, and defending her actions or reactions was a daily stress. She learned to just give in and stand down, hiding in her own shadow, afraid to make any of her own decisions— thus, giving the ones whose thumb she was under, all the control and gratification for her life.

She had finally broken free from it all and found herself happier, more alive, and succeeding all on her own. She learned to stand on her own two feet, support and provide for herself, and started to climb the ladder to her own achievements the more she pushed through. There were tears, heartache, moments of doubt, and days of hopelessness; but she always woke up the next day and started fresh.

It took time, and time has never been a friend of hers, but she came out as a new woman; more confident, headstrong, determined, and proud. Thankful for the heartbreak and turmoil— because it led her on the path she was meant to travel, but never looking back on what “could be” or “what-ifs”. This was her life, and she finally had her own say in what she wanted. Never again would she let someone else use her like a puppet, or control her actions…because she refused to give in.

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  1. Avatar of Kim

    I love your writings. I recently (2 yrs. ago) left a marriage of 22 yrs. I’m inspired by your writings and find similarities in what we’re both experiencing and learning from it 🙂

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