She Is A Woman Who Is Always In Touch With Her Emotions

“Commitment means you are willing to quit playing games with her heart. To stop distorting the truth with lies. And to stop driving her crazy by your indifference.” -Bea C. Pilotin

Please don’t blame her for being too sensitive and emotional. She is a woman who is always in touch with her emotions. She always keeps on attaching her memories to her emotions. She remembers you. She remembers every detail. She remembers everything. And these are some of the most beautiful qualities of being a woman.


Please don’t bring out the worst in her. Talk to her, listen and see her needs. Don’t ignore what she wants to make things better. Give the reassurance and comfort that she needs.

Please don’t drive her crazy by being equivocal and ill-defined. Let her know how you really feel, what you are thinking and what’s going on with you. Don’t evade being specific.


Please don’t be so pretty casual about making promises. Don’t make throwaway promises at the drop of a hat with no intention of just keeping them. It damages your relationship and she will be violated. So, please don’t promise the moon, the stars and the sun. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Always remember that every time you give your word, you’re putting your honor on the line. Stop being too casual about making one or two. It’s always important to be conscious of the promises you make. And when you make one, mean it.


Please don’t let her feel being unsafe by being so compulsively judgmental and irresponsible. Understand each and every corner of her heart, reach out and be kind so that she may feel safe having you around.


Please don’t let her feel insecure in your relationship. Tell her what she needs to hear to stop worrying. Be specific and please don’t tell lies. Half the truth is always a whole lie. The relationship is a lot easier and rewarding when you care about trust because they said it is a cement that binds your relationship with her- keeping you both together. Don’t distort the truth with lies.


Please don’t get stuck into silence and become an invisible man for her because when you do this, she thinks of being with a ghost.

Please understand what she needs when she’s upset. She just needs you to be there for her.

Please don’t think that she always nags. Remind yourself that the intention of wanting to talk to you is not to control you. She wants to communicate with you to keep the cord connected with you for an emotional closeness. She just wants you to understand that it is not a pressure and please don’t feel being so annoyed and irritated when she talks.


Please don’t let her feel sad by holding back and for not showing your love. Let her feel you love her enough to be there for you. Try to communicate with her and don’t just be insensible. Feed her heart with the attention she needs.


Please don’t shove her away with your indifference. Instill in her mind that her presence is valued and appreciated.

Don’t take her love for granted because she loves you so much. You are her precious treasure and she values you all her life.




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