She Finally Stopped Waiting

She Finally Stopped Waiting

They were the perfect example of a modern-day fairy tale; he was the big, masculine, introverted teddy bear, whom family and friends could count on to be the responsible and dependable one. She had the bubbly, outgoing personality with charismatic humor and made a friend anywhere she went, but also knew when to keep her composure when necessary.

She always wanted to look on the bright side, even when things weren’t shining back and she could get in tune with people’s emotions; while he was a logical and factual person, who didn’t make anything sound better or worse than what it was. Unfortunately, they were the calamitous couple that was never supposed to be.

From the beginning, she never understood the way he showed her he cared; gifts and checking up on her weren’t her forms of affection, like they were for him. She didn’t have a lot of money, but she was also raised by morals, not materials in showing love and care. They had their ups and downs, like any couple with differences and compromised a lot for each other, overall.

He saw her stepping up and paying or buying him things…really trying to show him materialistically that she cared for him and his needs. He also showed his softer side when promising her he would stand outside her window every night waiting until she came to see him for a goodnight kiss.

He lived up to that promise, coming to her bedroom window each night they weren’t together and waiting for her to come out to him. He would take her by the hand, help her out over the ledge and row of bushes onto the ground, where her foot would instantly pop the moment he wrapped her in his arms and they shared their last kiss for the day. Some nights he would stay and they would spend every moment laughing and talking, others he would leave shortly after their nightly embrace.

After a while, he wouldn’t stop by every night and the nightly embraces got fewer and farther between. Soon enough, she stopped wanting him to come all together and ended it; an abrupt halt to something that never should have been, from the very first time they met. It was months before she stopped having the feeling of him coming to her window; she held onto the moments leading up to seeing him each night for so long– the silence upon listening for that one pair of footsteps she knew all too well, his finger tapping the glass to let her know he’s waiting, the final moments of giddy and anxious smiles before their eyes met– there was a huge piece of her to let go of.

But she did it. That last night she stood by the window, her hopeless devotion took a final sigh and let that part of her heart go, knowing it would be mended with new pieces again, one day. As she turned away, that’s when it truly hit her– he’s not coming anymore, so she finally stopped waiting.

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