She Blamed Her Unwise Mistakes On Her Mind!

She Blamed Her Unwise Mistakes On Her Mind!

When they wonder about her unwise mistakes;

she says: ‘blame it on my mind!’

You can never condition the heart… it’s wild and free… it’s untamed and that makes it genuine and true, authentic and vivid.

It is the heart that comes from the guts.

The heart that speaks to you without noise. The heart that knows you and keeps you alive. The heart that loves, heals and embraces.

The heart that reflects your true color and can accommodate your spectrum. It carries you on and takes you places.

The mind on the other hand with all its ability is so limited. It tends to cling to what’s so called ‘logic’. It wants reason and explanation.

It seeks answers and meaning. It can be wicked and tricky. It gets tired and weary.

It is in the mind that the ego evolves, lives and prevails and therefore leads you on to places where the heart may suffocate!

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