She came in my life

a bit late

But we soon

became a good mate

Loosen me

breaking that tightness

Her kindness

overpowers her naughtiness

Her maturity nails

every daunting task

It’s something inborn

no one can ask

Her humour and agility

is beyond to measure

Whatever she would do,

she does with pleasure

She is a friend

and a guiding light

Her skills make

anyone’s face lit with delight

She cares about

everyone around first

Makes everything simple

even though it seems worst

She celebrates other’s

happiness like her own

Give them comfort

and be their backbone

I only wish she gets

time for herself more

Without thinking for a

second about any chore.

She is a real star

borne out of all love

An honest and beautiful,

soul hard to get even above…

She taught me to

express myself more,

And let my feelings

touch the shore…

May God bless

little sunshine in her life too….

All her dreams

one day will surely come true.

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