Sharp edges of your words shapes in the wounds of tomorrow

Tiara Tee

Sharp edges of your words
shapes in the wounds of tomorrow.

Rinku Shah

Words can scar,
I’m not taking it too far.
Harsh words,
More painful than sharp swords.
Can damage beyond repair,
It’s savage and not fair.
Adults need to keep the drama at bay…
Befriend your child and start a new way!

Ramya Raghuraman

Words can create fear
Why shout when you are so near?
Love can create hope
Why don’t elders give it scope?

Shambha Shivaa

I am still just a bud.
Long way before I learn your world.
Love me, encourage me
and see how I bloom.
All that harshness
makes me go gloom.
Your actions and words
are what I look for direction…
Take away my fears of them,
replace with affection.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Words are to soothe,
the young ones in times of their need.
Even when conveying the truth,
it should comfort them and pay heed.
Never to be used as a vice,
To apply pressure on them.
But to make them wise,
Will serve them for years to come.

Sayeeda Pearl

I’m at your mercy,
You could make me
or break me,
Because words are sharper than swords,
they would scar me forever,
An insecure, fearful person I would be forever,
Have mercy on me!!

Drishti Nagdeo

You gripped me through your words,
Compared me with nerds,
Snatching away my freedom,
All in the name of transferring wisdom.
You killed each of my enzymes,
When all I asked for was your time,
So, I write a poem with a rhyme,
To redeem your heinous crime.

Anindya J Ganguly

The fear, the grudge
The emotions, all fudged
Are poured in a child’s mind
Who does not know
What’s wrong, what’s right.
We carve a being out of her
Who she does not want to be.
In a world which echoes blatant lies
About life, truth & everything.

Sheila Lehman

Setting the course of
sad tomorrows

Sulekha Pande

Words have a lasting impression,
they can lead a child,
into a lifetime of depression.

Sara Pratte

Be careful…
your words…re their thoughts

Teri Kirchhoff

Your negative words
become their negative
self talk!

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