Shakti – (The Empowered Woman)

Shakti - (The Empowered Woman)

She wants to fly,
Fly like a bird in the sky.
She spreads her wings wide,
And wonders if she’ll glide.
She would fly high,
Until she feels she’ll die.
Then swing back down a ride,
To see her parents’ pride.

But all this, when you
Let her out of the hide.


The society looks at her,
With great suspicion.
Screening every inch of her,
Even when she is raped!
Questions and blames,
Would always conclude
‘Why was she there so late?’

But now,
She looks at men in the eye
Up straight.
Which they don’t like,
And can’t tolerate.
They call her ill-mannered,
As she is the one least bothered.

She has a big dream,
She has to fulfill her goal.
She looks at Challenge,
Straight into its eye,
And burns it down,
With the mere look of the eye.

She is the one they fear,
And yet she is the one they admire!
For she is the one who is capable,
Of reaching much higher!!

She is a Girl.
She is a Leader.
She is a Pearl.
She is a Mother.
She is a Light.
She is too;  Human.
She is;  a Woman.
And you will see her burning bright!!!
For you are yet to see her might!!!

Today she is new,
And she shall not be bound by you.
For she has to fly high in the open wild.
For she has learned to fly and also fight,
Because now she knows her rights.
That which once you denied,
But now; never mind!

Shakti - (The Empowered Woman)

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