Shadow Work And The Empath

shadow work and the empath

Benefits of Shadow Work

When you work with integrating your Shadow, there will be moments of awakening that will lead you to become more authentic, creative and will give you more emotional freedom.

Other benefits of Shadow Work include better communication and relationships because you will be coming from your authentic self and you will be acting from a space of compassion.  Also, it will improve your ability to set healthy boundaries and give you an enhanced state of wellbeing.

Another benefit of Shadow Work is the achievement of psychological maturity.  Most of us exist in a state of mental and emotional immaturity with parts of us split-off and disowned and experiencing destructive behavior when triggered because it is actually our Shadow that is in control. When we make conscious and integrate these unrealized parts of ourselves we can then experience wholeness, stability, and balance.

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So how does it work? 

I use the techniques that I have been trained in to help you uncover what is in your Shadow and we work together to integrate those traits into your conscious mind from your subconscious mind.

We may then use the practice to help you realize those traits to make them even more real.  Shadow Work is a very personal therapy and everyone is different and will experience it differently, so one-on-one sessions are the way to go.

If Shadow Work is about making the unconscious conscious then I have been doing Shadow Work for years, both with Past Life Therapy and Rebirthing, both these processes are about making the unconscious conscious and integrating them into our self-awareness.

Drawbacks of Shadow Work

With all its benefits it does have some bumps along the road.  Shadow Work may bring up repressed emotions from childhood and may take some time to process these emotions.  There will be a need to integrate these emotions and may seem daunting at first.

Shadow Work can make you see your life differently and you may want to change certain parts of it which may cause some upheaval.  When we do Shadow Work our stories will change, for example, “I was a difficult child” may become “I was emotionally neglected by my parents”, and these kinds of narrative changes may have wide-ranging implications in your life.

From a global point of view, we know the saying “our inner world reflects our outer world’, therefore as we integrate our own shadow, this will be reflected in the outer world as more truth will be revealed across the planet.

Empaths are here to create more light in the world and Shadow Work is a very powerful way to do this.  Even if you don’t know why you are here, Shadow Work is a great place to start, as you reveal your gifts through Shadow Work you will reveal your authentic, creative self and be a light for others.

Written By: Robyn lacuone
Originally Appeared In : Empathcoach
Shadow Work And The Empath
shadow work and the empath pin
shadow work and the empath
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