Your Shadow Element Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Moreover, they usually move according to their plans or goals, and they get nuts when things go out of schedule!

Their shadow element is Chaos.

This means that what these people need to embrace their passions and their instincts which are probably stronger that all other signs.

However, the problem is that these Zodiac Signs are completely terrified of facing their deepest desires. What they need to know, is that only if they embrace Chaos, they will be free and surely built a fruitful future.

Chaos is their enemy because they don’t believe in themselves (enough) and they often choose what’s more safe than what really suits them.

Remember, Chaos has an order too, although we don’t actually realize it because of our human mind’s capacity. You will only be happy, if you stay true to your heart.

Don’t be afraid of your dreams. Embrace the infinite possibilities of your Chaos.

You are capable of winning no matter what.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Oblivion

Everyone knows that the key element of these signs is Air.

What Air symbolises is in fact the energy matrix we all breathe and interact with on a daily basis. Air is the intellect, what makes us humans, our logic and our thoughts. It’s what made us advance and rule this World. Mind over matter.

What Air hints is that our thoughts, our memories, our experiences make us who we are. We filter what we live and compare it with our memories and how we’ve already reacted to similar occasions and responded accordingly.

The Shadow Element of these signs is Oblivion.

They fear that once they lose control of their memories, they will stop being who they are, reacting like someone else.

Well, that’s true but that’s not something bad necessarily. In fact, Oblivion goes hand to hand with Air because, this quality that can actually liberate them and live their lives without prejudice.

Oblivion is essential every now and then, because only if you learn to let go of the past you can move on and conquer more of your goals.

Life has no rules and what has happened is not sure that will happen again. What hurt us can now be our ally.

Your mind may successfully work with thinking patterns, but if you liberate it using oblivion, you can reach your truest potential.

Memories can leave open wounds. We are not perfect.

Thus we’ve made many mistakes. We can be fooled and fooled some more again. Naturally, there will be moments we want to forget because the ripple effect of their repercussions are still obvious.

However, we can use Oblivion to stop hurting and start the healing process. Let go of the past.


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Void

Everyone knows that the key element of these signs is Water.

The ocean the seas, the rivers and the lakes are all united. In alchemy Water symbolizes empathy. This is the key secret, which can help us understand the peculiar personalities of these signs.

What we know of these signs is usually a result of what they have felt from the beginning of their lives, their fears, their disappointments, their dreams and their hopes.

Well, feelings are not easy yet they are the key to open the most powerful gates of magic, as they are linked directly with the Astral Body.

However, emotions can also poison our aura, creating a force- field of pure negativity attracting bad luck and continuous suffering.

The Shadow Element of these Zodiac Signs is the Void.

In the Void, nothing reacts. Emotions have no ripple effect, no radiance, not power.

What one feels cannot be ‘communicated’.

It feels like a hollow shell, like nothing exists. However, what we need to understand is that the Void is extremely important if we want to access the power of our emotions.

The Void can help us bring balance between the dramatic side of our feelings and our need for peace.

Therefore, once we embrace the Void, it can act as a nonconductor for our feelings, helping us identify the source of our reactions, and analyse our feelings further.

This will eventually aid us in gaining control over our feelings, thus empower our Magical potential.

What’s Your Shadow Element?

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