Introverts and Withdrawal: 5 Reasons Introverts Withdraw

Introverts and Withdrawal

It’s a challenge to retreat

As many of us already know, it is difficult to ask for and obtain time to re-charge. Almost everyone in your immediate circle will ask and expect you to keep on plugging on. They’ll expect you to get over whatever is bothering you and be there for them with a smile. The message being that self-care is selfish. The message being that work and others are always first. Introverts spend a fair amount of time feeling bad for needing a break.

Although I didn’t get a real break last week, I did spend quality time with generous, positive, and inspiring friends this week. The emotional flooding is beginning to subside.

I know there will be more healing space in my near future.

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What needs to happen after the withdrawal?

I felt extra sensitive and tired last week. I was burned out when my marriage ended. Both times I wanted to fill myself up with swaths of uninterrupted time, positive support, meaningful work, and expansive ideas. While it’s vital to take time for self-care, eventually space needs to lead to action. In my follow-up post next week, I will talk about why it is important to minimize withdrawal and re-join life.

What makes you want to withdraw? How does your need for space affect those you love? What gets you out of this mode?

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Introverts and Withdrawal Why We Do It
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Introverts and Withdrawal: 5 Reasons Introverts Withdraw
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