Strategies That Can Help You Sense Subtle Energy

Strategies That Can Help You Sense Subtle Energy

If so, can I pinpoint the specific organ involved?

Can I sense in it a particular feeling of well-being or vibrancy?

Or does it feel flat, depleted, ill?

You may perceive energy as a hum, a color, a quivering in your throat. These may show up in surprising locations – your sinuses, ears, liver, spine. Some parts of your body may feel alive, especially sensitive, others dull, aching or numb. Let your imagination go wild. Notice how these sensations vary. You may feel things in places you never even knew existed. This is good. You’ll get to know your body well, a positive start to prevention. 

Practice. Practice. Practice. Discerning such fine energy takes time. Meanwhile, your mind will help you out. It constantly translates vibration into forms you can more easily recognize. For example, into imagery and emotions. Patients have shared with me striking descriptions: the accountant who felt as if a steel rod was shooting down his back; the young girl with a black cloud over her heart. You may have had similar powerful images.

Or how about this? Have you ever experienced the strange feeling that parts of your body are congested, blocked or shut down with no physical evidence to support it? That sadness is bottled up in your liver, or there’s anger in your joints? These are ways subtle energy speaks to you, offers leads to your health.

As an intuitive, I’ve trained myself to tune in at this level. I teach my patients and workshop participants to do so too.

Adapted from “Guide to Intuitive Healing: 5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness” by Judith Orloff, MD

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Strategies That Can Help You Sense Subtle Energy
Strategies That Can Help You Sense Subtle Energy

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