16 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Complex

13.  People always seem to be offended or upset by what you do or say.

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14.  You generally think that you are better, or more important, than other people and other people should see this and unquestioningly respect you.

15.  You crave admiration and adoration.

16.  You like to assert your dominance or superiority over other people, finding it second nature.

It’s important to remember that we all suffer from personality flaws.  While some of us are stingy or deeply insecure, others of us have sense of entitlement complexes.  If you tend to show this narcissistic trait, there are many ways to slowly work through it to improve the quality of your life, and the lives of others.  Examples include:

  • Developing more Self-Awareness.  Without being aware of what you think, feel and do, you won’t be able to progress very far.
  • Identifying your inner expectations about the world, as well as deep-seated beliefs and ideals. Often a sense of entitlement stems from unhealthy or unrealistic perceptions that you may not even be aware of.
  • Work to accept life as it is without imposing your beliefs, ideals or expectations.  This includes practicing forgiveness, and allowing people to be the way they are naturally.
  • Concentrate on developing compassion and empathy.  Asking “how does this affect others?”, “how does he/she feel right now?”, “how would I feel if I was her/him?” helps to broaden the mind, and open it to new, and beneficial, ways of thinking.
  • Celebrate with other people, and celebrate other people.  Pay attention to the happiness and joy of others: happiness shared is happiness multiplied.  Also, being thankful for the people in your life allows you to place more importance in them, seeing how truly special they are.
  • Slowly work on cultivating true Self-Love, not the malignant kind.

Change won’t come overnight, but with dedication and will power your life can take a permanent turn for the better.

If you would like to share any thoughts or experiences you have on having a sense of entitlement, please do so below in the comments area!

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Suffering from an entitlement complex is always a negative thing, and can not only hurt the people close to you but in a way, it can hurt you too. But if you want to change this in yourself, focus on working on yourself and with time, you will get better.

If you want to know more about entitlement complex, then check out this video below: 

Written by Aletheia Luna
Source – Loner Wolf

16 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Complex
16 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Complex

16 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Complex

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