Self-Mastership – You are Your own True Love

 December 18, 2015

An outside relationship will only be satisfying when two people have found themselves and if the two people are willing to see that they are individual souls that came to earth for their own journey, their own insights, and their own lessons. Do not be afraid that the other person will go away and leave you. Another person can only stay because of free will. A slave cannot be in loving relationship with a free person. Two free people in loving relationship can give each other wings!

If you love a person, and they cannot be free because of your fears, stop the fear now. Stop the thoughts. Stop projecting your fears, past pains and lost hopes on them. Show the other person that you love them by transforming the pain and suffering into bliss and LOVE by doing your work and finding your way home to YOU. Become the energetic master that you are!

Stop Loneliness In relationships

Let both you and your significant other be free, my friend. Let them shine. Let them fly. You are both the transformation the world needs to see. You are both the “one” that can change the world by following your own earthly journey. You can only love another by giving them soul freedom and by stopping all behaviors of energetic demanding, fearing and draining. They may be an angel on your path if they have led you to all of this awareness so that now, you can now find your way HOME to YOU. If they are the one with this behavior, you may be the angel on their path that gives them awareness and peace someday. Most people were brought together for a reason in this lifetime, although many times it is not the reason you originally thought: to finally “make you happy and fulfilled”. The divine Universe has led you to uncover the LIGHT and LOVE that YOU are through these broken connections, and the resulting awareness.

Become your own True Love

Start to be the master you are by truly connecting with yourself this very day. Pray. Meditate. Cry. Say sorry to your significant other for enslaving them, and say sorry to yourself for creating all that you have lived up until this point. No one can alleviate your deep loneliness. You are simply longing for YOU! Start to love yourself at this very moment.

Resonate with people who vibrate on a higher level to compliment your life

If your significant other is not willing to do their work, acknowledge, or stop their energetic demands on you, the kindest thing you can do for both of you, is walk away. Surround yourself with aware people who listen to and honor their souls and inner knowing. Surround yourself with people who have a high vibration, who resonate with their heart, who do not energetically pull and demand from you, who let you FLY! These people give off LIGHT and LOVE because of their enthusiasm for their own journey and their passion for themselves! These are the relationships that will strengthen and nurture you as you step into your own Self Mastery! These are the connections you have always dreamed to have with other humans, all possible now that you have found YOU!

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