“Self-Love” – Ultimate Archway for Contentment

Self Love Ultimate Archway for Contentment

I know it is easier said than done. 🤨

When It comes to loving people around us, we are the one who initiates happily but when someone tells us to go within and love ourselves, we stumble for a moment…

In this article, I shall write about simple points which really need your sincere attention.

This article is not to make you a narcissist so keep reading and enjoying. 🤭

Developing any new habit is a process and any process takes time.

Therefore, hang in there even when you feel like quitting…

After all,

“Slow and Steady wins the Race”. 👍🏾

1. Try to know yourself.

Self-love is the best source to find out who you are. Just the way we love other people after getting to know them fully, in the same way, without knowing your inner soul you can not love yourself wholeheartedly.

I give you my example. When I was not knowing myself thoroughly, I used to be very harsh and critical about how I am. Once I start knowing myself, which I call “Self Awakening”, I got to know I have at least a couple of qualities within me that are really appreciable. These qualities I couldn’t see when I was barely knowing myself.

Go on the journey of self-knowing to unfold hidden qualities that are waiting for ages to get admired by you.

2. Invest in yourself

Self-indulgence is the best way to invest in yourself.

Take some moments to appreciate what you do and what you are.

Take some moments to cherish your victories.

Take some moments to pat your back.

Take some moments to say to yourself, ”I love you, please forgive me” every day.

Take some moments for self-care, self-pampering.

Take some moments to watch out your diet, exercise regime.

Take some moments to gift yourself a tiny gift.

All these things just demand from you a few thing, your ATTENTION…DEDICATION…and Just SOME MOMENTS 😊

3. Always find a “Blessing in Disguise”

We are not perfect. We all do lack something within us. Let it be our looks, nature, strength.

We shall be grateful for lacking it.

Surprised by reading this ??

I said so because:

We take extra efforts for the things that we lack than things that we are inherently blessed with.

What else helps than putting in efforts to master something in life?

Always search for a blessing in disguise to appreciate our blessings.

You hate the shape of your nose, but have a look at your eyes- how expressive they are!

You hate your bad temper, but look at your charity work which has helped a lot of people so far to feel privileged in their lives.

We do lack something but at the same time, WE DO HAVE SOMETHING WITHIN US TO GET REWARDED by us.

Not to worry, you are not late to appreciate that. 🤗

4. Be more “Experimental”

Aren’t you fed up with the old dressing style that you have been following since your college days ??

Don’t you feel like putting on kajal to see how beautiful and dramatic a look you get with it ??

Haven’t you ever tried retro specs frames to give a more retro look to you ??

Aren’t you eager to change your hairstyle a bit for a complete makeover ?? (Celebrity style) 🤩

Be more experimental to FIND A “NEW YOU” by breaking all the old styles that you carried forward so long.

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