Self-love isn’t a given it’s something you have to work for. You have to face you demons, your deepest fears, your shadow self. You have to face all there is about yourself, the better like the worse and the worst.

 It’s not an easy process, you discover you never even imagined you could have and days after days that turned into weeks, months or even years you learn to accept it. Once you’ve accepted it, you start to view things from a different angle and realize there aren’t only despicable things about it but also light. When you plunge into this light you discover what it brought and that what made you not accept this part of you is what you judged it to be, a dark side of you. You tend to realize there’s no good or bad you but a whole you who’s imperfect but no better or worse than anyone else. 

And that’s when you’ll stop judging yourself and finally start to finally love yourself like you deserve to be loved.

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