Self-learning During Lockdown


Lockdown supposedly has wrecked all our normal day-to-day activities and certainly, one can’t agree more on this but we can see it as an opportunity to create some wonderful memories and moments with our family as well.

All these years we have been chasing a life of wanting more and more forgetting to pause, breathe and grow good health. This lockdown taught me at least how to be content and happy receiving tremendous family love and support in the face of losing many good opportunities. There were some days when I felt anxious about the uncertainties of life.

The lockdown certainly put all our insecurities away and kept everyone at the same level. We realize how stupid we were amassing money and fame putting our health in the back seat. Lockdown has taught me more about the health and well-being of my family which I failed more often to prioritize earlier. It let me have deeper divine connections with the almighty God to secure us a good life and blessings even amid this worst time.

I got more time to spend with my niece and nephew, learning and growing together. It has also rekindled my interests in gardening and hiking, penning down poetries and stories. But nothing fascinates me more than seeing mother nature so poised and calm even during this worldwide chaos.

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