How Mindfulness Can Help During Self Isolation When Feeling Anxious & Lonely

Feeling Anxious and Lonely? How Mindfulness Can Help During Self Isolation

However, self compassion, self love and self care is also of prime importance right now.

4. Practice gratitude

Counting your blessing and being grateful during such testing times can have a significant impact on your mental health and empower you to get through the perils of self isolation. Several studies have discovered that individuals who practice gratitude regularly tend to be less depressed and happier in life. Gratitude helps us to break free from negative and toxic emotions and focus on what we still have in this present moment. 

According to a 2019 study, gratitude has some positive effects on our well-being and mental health. The paper states “The gratitude intervention managed to increase positive affect, subjective happiness and life satisfaction, and reduce negative affect and depression symptoms.” 

Jordan Fiorillo Scotti explains “The prospect of serious illness reminds us to be thankful for our health and other blessings. Seeing others struggle with illness can inspire us to better care for our bodies and appreciate more – and judge less – our physical capacities.She believes that we should pause to appreciate the different blessings this pandemic has brought, like the opportunity to spend more time with our families during self isolation.

Transform self isolation into solitude

There is no doubt that this coronavirus pandemic is causing us a lot of anxiety and stress. Apart from the health risks and drastic change to our lifestyle and daily routines, social distancing and self isolation is affecting our mental & emotional health as well.

However, practicing mindfulness can help us overcome the fear of isolation and experience solitude during this period of quarantine. It can help us reflect and use this time to improve our mind, body and soul.

So make sure to stay indoors, stay safe, stay healthy and be mindful.

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

Feeling Anxious and Lonely? How Mindfulness Can Help During Self Isolation
Feeling Anxious and Lonely? How Mindfulness Can Help During Self Isolation

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