5 Self Defeating Thoughts Every Single Soul Has and Ways To Fight It



5) My Biological Clock Is Ticking

Your concern is right, but not completely. Even if you don’t get someone by whatever age you think you should, still your chances of not finding love and starting a family will not be grim. You will definitely find someone you would adore and respect well with time. Look around and see how many women who tried and didn’t find a man they could settle with? Perhaps, very few. Even if you are one of those women who find love a bit late, everything will be okay, because there are hundreds of ways to get pregnant if you have any problem in conceiving. Moreover, women easily get pregnant naturally in their 40’s and have healthy babies. So, stop imagining the worst for yourself. Rather enjoy your state of singlehood because you’re still free to do things which you won’t once you start a relationship and eventually a family. Don’t waste the beautiful moments worrying about horrible things that aren’t going to happen.

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