Self-Abuse: Are You In An Abusive Relationship with Yourself?

Abusive Relationship with Yourself

7. Treat Yourself Like Royalty

If you were to host a beloved prince in your home, how would you speak with him and how would you honor and respect him? Let this be a template for how to treat yourself.

We think it is normal to mistreat ourselves, but it’s not. We think that the way we treat ourselves has no impact on our lives, but it does.

The Key is Choosing to Believe in Yourself!

Self-Abuse: Are You In An Abusive Relationship with Yourself?
Self-Abuse: Are You In An Abusive Relationship with Yourself?

The way you relate to yourself is always in direct proportion to your beliefs about yourself, so if you don’t believe in yourself, or if your beliefs revolve around disempowerment or unworthiness, your actions, reactions and behavior will reflect accordingly.

You could accurately say that self-love is the result of believing in yourself, and, in fact, believing in yourself is the key to success in all ways, because when you believe in yourself, you command your subconscious mind to succeed. But, how do you believe in yourself if you were never taught to do so, and, especially, if you have spent a lifetime practicing self-doubt and not believing in yourself?

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It’s a choice! 

Right now, without the need for proof, validation or permission, you have the power to believe in yourself, simply because you choose to!  In choosing to believe in yourself, you must finally claim your unconditional worth and you must consciously commit to changing your thoughts in order to support this new choice.

You can absolutely master your mind, but you must consistently practice empowered thinking day after day. At first, it may be challenging, but, sooner or later, it will become easier until you have re-programmed your mind, and it is effortless to think good thoughts about yourself, and when this happens, life will transform by demonstrating your positive and empowering beliefs back to you. This is the ultimate space of self-love where life flows with ease and grace and all your dreams can effortlessly manifest.

Written by:  Nanice Ellis
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Republished with permission
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Self-Abuse: Are You In An Abusive Relationship with Yourself?
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