Self Abuse: 7 Ways You Can Stop Abusing Yourself And Practice Self Love

Self Abuse: 7 Ways You Can Stop Abusing Yourself And Practice Self Love

Additionally, when you constantly criticize your body, your body takes it as a command and manifests your criticisms. If you want to lose weight, and you tell your body that it is fat and out of shape, your body will respond obediently to your command, by preventing weight loss or you might even gain weight.

After all, you can’t tell your body it’s fat and ugly and expect it to be thin and beautiful. Take a moment and think about the most frequent commands you give your body, and, if they are not in alignment with what you desire, it is imperative to change them. If you speak to your body, as if it is the body of a God or Goddess, you will begin to manifest the body of a God or Goddess.

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Practice Isn’t Perfect

There was no class in school that taught us how to relate to ourselves or how to treat ourselves, so we learned how to treat ourselves by modeling how our parents treated us and also by mirroring how they treated themselves, so if a parent was self-critical or neglectful of his/her personal needs, you probably learned to do the same.

For most of us, this means that self love did not come naturally, and, therefore, we must learn to love ourselves. And, as we do, we must consistently practice self love, because if you are not consciously practicing self love, you are unconsciously practicing self abuse.

It is said that practice makes perfect, but you don’t need to be perfect to overthrow self-abusive tendencies. Just by practicing loving acts of kindness toward yourself, one step at a time, you will learn how to love yourself and your life will improve immeasurably.

Here Are The Top 7 Ways To Practice Self Love

1. Speak Kindly

Replace self-judgment with positive and encouraging self-talk. Speak to yourself like you want others to speak to you. Be your own best friend!

Self love, not self abuse

2. Boundaries

Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to set and enforce boundaries that teach others how to treat you.

3. Nurture Yourself

We are taught that self-care is selfish and that others must come first, but this is simply not true and never was. Self love and self-care are the absolute foundation of your life, and if you don’t properly care for yourself, no one else will. Your primary job is to nurture yourself, and then when you are full and overflowing, you will have the energy and inspiration to support others, if need be.

Self-nurturing requires that you give yourself much more than basic human needs: high-quality nutrition, excellent hydration, adequate sleep, and time for play and rejuvenation each and every day.

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4. Expression

Speak your truth, express your gifts, experiment with your talents, do what you love to do and have fun simply for the sake of having fun!

5. Emotional Needs

Meet your own emotional needs by generously giving yourself approval, acceptance, understanding, respect, appreciation, etc… You can never be too good to yourself.

6. Listen to Guidance

Your wise inner being has all the answers you are seeking, but you must go within and consult on a regular basis. As you learn to listen through meditation or mindfulness, your intuition will grow and bring clarity. Moreover, your body contains infinite wisdom and the more you listen to its feedback and respect its guidance, the healthier you will become.

7. Treat Yourself Like Royalty

If you were to host a beloved prince in your home, how would you speak with him and how would you honor and respect him? Let this be a template for how to treat yourself. We think it is normal to mistreat ourselves, but it’s not. We think that the way we treat ourselves has no impact on our lives, but it does.

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