Self Abuse: 7 Ways You Can Stop Abusing Yourself And Practice Self Love

Self Abuse: 7 Ways You Can Stop Abusing Yourself And Practice Self Love

You can say that you are worthy of the perfect partner, more abundance, or even that snazzy figamagig until you are blue in the face, but the truth of the matter is revealed in the relationship you have with yourself. You cannot say that you are worthy of abundance in a morning affirmation and then spend the rest of the day withholding love from yourself as you engage in self-judgment.

People who know their unconditional worth simply do not judge, criticize or disrespect themselves; they don’t neglect themselves, they don’t put everyone’s needs before their own and they don’t disregard their feelings or inner guidance. You can’t do these things on a regular basis and at the same time successfully convince the Universe that you believe that you are worthy of what you desire.

If you believe that you are worthy of manifesting your dreams, it will undoubtedly show up in the way you treat yourself, and in the amount of self love that you express and experience.

Think of self love like a currency that you exchange for manifestation. The more you love yourself, own your worth, and believe in yourself, the more energy you have to exchange for the things you desire.

The Root of Self Abuse

Most of us subject ourselves to verbal and emotional abuse all day long and don’t even realize it. Chronic self-judgment manifests as undermining your gifts and abilities and inevitably results in destructive self-doubt and disempowerment. Every time you put yourself down, you run the risk of suppressing your truth, and when you don’t trust yourself, you inhibit intuition that could otherwise guide your path.

Your thoughts and words act as commands to your subconscious mind, and, therefore, how you speak to and about yourself on a consistent basis directly impacts the quality of your life.

When you think about yourself negatively, your subconscious interprets it as a command and then systematically aligns you with opportunities that will prove your command to be true.

So, if you think that you are clumsy, for example, your subconscious mind will line you up with situations where you will be clumsy, or, if you believe that you are not deserving of self-care, your subconscious will cause you to feel guilty for thinking of yourself, while also keeping you busy and projecting obstacles that keep you from focusing on yourself.

The way you speak to yourself entrains your subconscious mind to take appropriate action, and, therefore, your behavior will always reflect your thoughts and beliefs. What we believe about ourselves is the unconscious basis for how we automatically treat ourselves and how others treat us as well.

The entire world is a feedback system specially designed to demonstrate your beliefs. Life isn’t saying that your beliefs are true, as no beliefs are absolutely true – life is simply reflecting your inner world on the canvas of your life. Therefore, if you like what life is showing you, you’ve got positive and empowering beliefs, but if you don’t like what life is showing you, it’s time to develop better beliefs.

If you are, in fact, in an abusive relationship with yourself, your beliefs are the root cause. Since beliefs always manifest as thoughts, by consistently replacing negative thoughts with their positive counterpart, you have the ability to change your most pivotal beliefs.

Whether you know it or not, you are the sole commander of your life, and you decide the course that you will take, but, if you have been an unconscious commander, chances are that you have indulged in negative commands that focus on the opposite of what you really desire, thereby casting you in the wrong direction.

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