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Seek the Beauty – an INFJ’s tribute to Introverted Intuition

Seek the Beauty

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A world covered with dusty blankets,
Dead, buried in its misery,
Torn, muddy, spoiled in aesthetics.

My fingertips run the coarse surface,
Creating a trembling movement.
I feel its essence pulsating,
Beneath the dirt.

It is, however, ravishing when,
My tender, yet decisive fingers,
Remove the blanket,
And the world becomes alive again.

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Pumping in its multicolored vibration,
The world can be restored to its
Initial purpose.

Sure, you can watch it,
From beneath the blanket.
To see its dirt, its poison, its weakness.
But please never forget,
To try and remove the blanket.
For not only you will open your mouth in astonishment,
But you will also watch the marvel
Of beauty,
From the deepest essence.

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    Teo Paucean
    Hi everyone, my name is Teo and I am a highly passionate MBTI user & practitioner. I have a degree in Psychology and have working experience in Human Resources, Training and Coaching.
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