Tried to bury me 

But I bet you didn’t know
That I am a seed
When buried,

I grow
I will bloom up from nothing.

Once started I flow,

I’ll never stop going

Even in snow
Since the day I was planted 

I made one thing clear

I’ll never stop thriving
Not even in fear
Tried to drown me 

But I am a fish

I swim with the mermaids

I splash and I swish
Tried to burn me

But I am wool

I am resistant to your heat,

And since I self extinguish

I truly can’t be beat
Even when on fire

I still won’t ever melt

I really can’t be damaged

I’m stronger than a belt
Tried to take Sun

But I am Mother Moon

I only shine my brightest

When clock’s opposite of Noon
Tried to take my home

But I am Venus orbit spin

The stars protect my planet

I was born Earth’s sister twin
I am the shiniest beam in all the night’s sky

And you sit and wonder why?

Well here is goodbye.
I am the hottest planet in our whole galaxy,
But I am Carbon.
I am resilient.
I can withstand extreme pressure and heat 

I don’t face defeat,

And when we react

You’re officially beat
Because I am a Diamond.
I am strong and live long
You were never right

And I was always wrong
But I never stopped shining
My presence has a pull
And nothing can dull 

This divine sparkle that’s full

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