You see me bloom. You see me in gloom.

You see me bloom. You see me in gloom.
Sarrvesh Waran 

You see me bloom.
You see me in gloom.
When I laugh, I laugh back hard.
When I cry, I cry like hell.
I am a stable instability.
And I travel to the ends of 

both extremities.

Pooja Abhay 

Two sides of me, 
the one you show you will see.

Kaitlyn Bell 

I am neither my darkest days 
or my brightest nights. 
I am the space in between. 
The unseen.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

I am black, I am white,
Both exist and survive within me.
Some days the black rules,
Other days the white grooves,
Whom you get to meet,
I do not know, I can’t predict.
I am the Yin, I am the Yang,
Both exist and survive within me.

Hrisha Paul 

Half of me is in complete disorder, 
half is in order.
My questions arise from my chaos.
And solutions bring me peace.
I’m a soul balancing myself 

every moment in my own way.

Rinku Shah 

Black and white,
Wrong or right.
Does it really matter?
This mind chatter…
The eternal divide,
Strange as both within us reside.
Things are often grey,
Accept this, I pray.
There’s more to life,
Than this strife!

Barbara Bauer 

With anxiety I have two sides. 
I know it but you cannot see it. 
This is how I live. 
I am used to smiling on the outside 
and dark on the inside.

Auspicious Sea 

She knows she has a dark side too,
But she choose not to show that side.
For she know people are judgemental
And it’s not an honour to be judged.
If shallowness is In trend
She know how to project herself then.

Sulekha Pande

The writing’s on my soul,
The two colors are
two halves of a whole,
The black is the color of my trauma,
and the white is the color of my goal.

Anastasia Ry 

The duality of human nature. 
No one is totally good or bad. 
The choices you make determine who you are.

Debra Pry 

If only the world seen souls,
And not color.
We would blend..
Instead of being divided.

Annie Lea 

Two sides to every story.

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