5 Secrets Of The Infinity Symbol ∞

Infinity Symbol

5. It comes from the last Greek letter Omega (Ω – ω) – ∞

Out of all the secrets of the infinity symbol, this one is something more scholars agree on. The symbol of infinity is derived from the letter omega which is the last letter of the original alphabet – the Greek one.

Let me remind you here that in Christian iconography, Jesus Christ is symbolically depicted as the Alpha and Omega (A & Ω) which is the beginning and the end (of the time). However, as God and time are infinite, the letter Omega (ω) became the infinity symbol, to denote the continuity beyond the End (∞).

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Surprising Secrets of Infinity Symbol pin
Secrets of the Infinity Symbol
Infinity Symbol PIN
5 Secrets Of The Infinity Symbol ∞
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