Secrets and Hidden Things About Your Personality

 March 01, 2018

Secrets and Hidden Things About Your Personality



Solid, stable and practical they always tend to analyze what is going on, judging and criticising all. The truth is that they feel bound to the misery of the world trying to fix whatever they can. Deep down they don”t really want to become more successful in whatever they do but they really want to break free and live an adventurous life. They are just too scared to do it as they failed to feel independent. A true Virgo wants to spread his/her wings and fly in the blue sky. 




Polite, smiling and noble is how they present themselves. Have you ever wondered why are these guys so open to negotiations, always trying to find the silver lining? The truth is that they try really hard not to be judgemental and bitter. They really do. The reason behind all this is that they truly believe in human nature and value their relationships more than anything. Friends and Love come first. What they need to understand is Loving themselves should come first! They don”t need to hold on to someone if not worthy of their love. 



Have you ever wondered why these mysterious creatures always act suspicious and hide so many secrets? I”m going to tell you the truth. They value justice more than you can understand. Their secret generous nature is trying really hard to protect the innocent and vulnerable and they hurt so much when they feel they have failed. This is why they slowly retreat to themselves and develop a cold and materialistic exterior. They always idealize their friends and partners and this is why they usually end up hurt and disappointed. 



Confident and adventurous, a typical Sagittarius can ignite your passion for living only by looking at them. But here”s the catch. They try to fight their personal demons who question their adequacy and power. Deep inside of them they want to feel safe and surrounded by people who love them and truly care about them. Although you can easily be convinced that you can “read” them like an open book, they protect their secret traits very hard and this is what you will learn only if they believe you are worthy of this information.



Cautious and sober is the most usual traits of Capricorn but there is so much more behind this sign. What they really want is to be spontaneous and confine their judgemental nature. Unfortunately most of the times they confuse themselves and the ones who surround them with their volatile mood swings causing too much anxiety and frustration. The key to making them feel loved. Capricorn hides a very sexy and enthusiastic nature if only they manage to find their emotional balance and feel safe. 



What you see as eccentric and weird on them is their way to show to the world that they different and not like all others who cause so much pain to the world. They feel disappointed by the human race and try to find a way to end this mess by creating a havoc of bizarreness around them. They don”t want to be noticed as different they just want others to know that they are not like others. They try so hard to make a difference to this world yet they might end up isolated.