The Secret To Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Secret Overcoming Lifes Challenges

You can already feel the benefit of living in an open, kind, mentally present, and purposeful way. And if you are willing to live from this stance with yourself and others, you (and those you love) will reap wonderful psychological benefits. Naturally, there is much more to learn about these skills than can be covered in a single article (you can learn more about it in my new book A Liberated Mind).

It’s about learning not to turn away from what is painful, and instead turning toward your suffering in order to live a life full of meaning and purpose.

This is what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT) is all about, and it is at the core of what we call psychological flexibility: The ability to accept our pain and live life as we desire, with our pain when there is pain. That’s the secret to overcoming challenges in life.


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We can transform our lives by seeking not to eradicate our difficult thoughts and emotions, or numb them away, but to cultivate psychological flexibility, which allows us to accept them for what they are and not let them rule our lives. It is what we do that matters, and that gives us the means to live in a way that is richly meaningful to us, despite even the hardest of life’s challenges.

How do you overcome challenges in your life? Let us know in comments below.

Written by: Steven C. Hayes, PhD
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