3 Reasons Why Crying Is Necessary for Healing and Personal Growth

Reasons Why Crying Necessary for Healing and Personal Growth

For example, if you have a defence system that turns pain into anger and gets stored in you as anger, you are literally poisoning your body with the amount of stress hormones that are released from the body.  90% of all diseases are either caused or worsened by stress in the body, and burying emotions causes hormones like stress, adrenaline, and cortisol to be produced in the body.

Crying is a form of physiological release.  It is the way the body is designed to handle and process emotions, and when we force our bodies against their natural reactions, it will always cause complications somewhere else within the body.  It’s almost like trying to force yourself not to sweat because you have been told that sweating is for “wussies”.  Sweating is your bodies way of cooling itself down, and if you were able to hold in the sweat to try to seem more manly or less crazy, you would cause yourself to overheat.  The same can be said with tears.

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I’ve had to cry recently over various things, sometimes in public and sometimes in front of family members who haven’t seen me cry before.  The part of me that is socially programmed wanted to hide it from them, but if we can’t even feel comfortable being honest in our words and form of expression with how we truly feel, society is not worth living in.  

It’s backed by science why crying is necessary for healing. Don’t ever feel embarrassed, crazy, or ashamed for crying for any reason.  The reasons for your tears are always going to be more valid than reasons to hold them back.


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Crying Is Necessary for Healing
Reasons Why Crying Necessary for Healing and Personal Growth Pin

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