100+ Two Sentence Horror Stories That’ll Freak You Out

Horror Stories That'll Freak You Out

Scary Story #51

While it took a lot of work to finally push Julia over the edge, my husband and I are just so happy that Sara can add this activity to her college applications.

by ace250

Scary Story #52

The dog sits at my gate every morning and night when I leave and come home from work. dri

Even after all this time she can still smell her owner’s blood on my hands.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #53

“We found your daughter,” the officer said as he drew an X on the map…

…and then he drew another, and another, and another, and another.

by BrianHotshot

Scary Story #54

They say a shiver down your spine means that someone’s walking over your future burial site.

As my husband walks around outside gardening, the shivers won’t stop.

by mypzyrpz

Scary Story #55

It took 5 minutes and a screwdriver, but the cap finally came loose with a satisfying “pop”

Now for the other knee.

by ketamineforpresident

Scary Story #56

“We’ll find the source of that smell,” I assured the homeowner as I knelt down and wedged myself into the crawl space.

But just as I saw a very familiar-looking uniform and the grey of long-dead flesh, I heard the floorboards being hammered back into place.

by minithemermaid

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Scary Story #57

I always found the idea of Batman to be laughable.

But just to be safe, I shot the kid too.

by CamC159

Scary Story #58

I told her there was no monster in her closet as I picked her up told her she could sleep with us tonight.

I figured that was the safest way off getting her out of the house without him realizing I saw him.

by Monghostwriter

Scary Story #59

I had a dream I was being dragged to hell, burning and writhing in agony.

I woke up with the doctor standing over me saying “whew, we’d lost you for a few minutes”.

by Monechetti

Scary Story #60

Pizza guy delivered my pizza and said “Enjoy it you two”.

I was just glad I wasn’t the only one that saw it.

by Meatloaf_Hitler

Scary Story #61

Claire adored her blue-eyed, black-haired little doll so much that she played with her everyday; until one day she ripped her head off.

Now the doll plays alone.

by divyanshdubey

Scary Story #62

“I’ve always wondered, what’s the scythe for, anyway?” I asked, as Death escorted me to the underworld.”

“Protection,” he answered nervously.

by shoutsfrombothsides

Scary Story #63

My brother and I sat down with the ouija board, and both place our hands on the planchette,

He said “Cole are you here with me?” 

I moved the planchette to yes.

by Magical77

Scary Story #64

After the final push, I didn’t know what was more frightening.

The fact that my baby wasn’t screaming, or because the doctor was.

by CreamySpudz

Scary Story #65

They said it was normal for the black hole to look like an eye.

That was before it blinked.

by TheSebtacular

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Scary Story #66

The scary part wasn’t that all the lights in the house suddenly turned off.

It was that Alexa said “no” when I asked her to turn them back on.

by AlienRouge

Scary Story #67

I was always told not to play with my food, as it is a blessing to eat.

However I’m one to tease my meals, and killing is always a treat. 

by Anonymous

Scary Story #68

It sat on my shelf, with thoughtless porcelain eyes and the prettiest pink doll dress I could find. 

Why did she have to be born still?

by Horseseverywhere

Scary Story #69

My cat is asleep beside my computer in his favorite spot. 

I’ve buried him 10 times.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #70

The wailing from the baby monitor just won’t stop. 

Problem is, my daughter is with her mother this weekend…over 200 miles away.

by Ariel_273

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