100 Scariest and Most Shocking Two Sentence Horror Stories

100 Scariest and Most Shocking Two Sentence Scary Stories

by Cobaltcollapse



“Don’t open….Don’t open…Don’t open,” the raspy whispers of invisible children kept cramming my ears.

I woke up to hard knocks on my door in the dark of the silent night, the eerie whispers from the nightmare I just had still ringing in my ears.

by Darkdreams79



Sandra watched her son swinging in the playground.

The police were trying to cut the noose.

by Tennoa



My husband has been very upset with me since my failed suicide attempt.

He’s crying nonstop and he won’t acknowledge me.

by Amelia-M-2000


After her best friend Julia committed suicide, my daughter Sara started a charity in her honor to combat cyberbullying.

While it took a lot of work to finally push Julia over the edge, my husband and I are just so happy that Sara can add this activity to her college applications.

by ace250



The dog sits at my gate every morning and night when I leave and come home from work. 

Even after all this time she can still smell her owner’s blood on my hands.

by Anonymous



“We found your daughter,” the officer said as he drew an X on the map…

…and then he drew another, and another, and another, and another.

by BrianHotshot



They say a shiver down your spine means that someone’s walking over your future burial site.

As my husband walks around outside gardening, the shivers won’t stop.

by mypzyrpz



It took 5 minutes and a screwdriver, but the cap finally came loose with a satisfying “pop”

Now for the other knee.

by ketamineforpresident



“We’ll find the source of that smell,” I assured the homeowner as I knelt down and wedged myself into the crawl space.

But just as I saw a very familiar-looking uniform and the grey of long-dead flesh, I heard the floorboards being hammered back into place.

by minithemermaid



I always found the idea of Batman to be laughable.

But just to be safe, I shot the kid too.

by CamC159



I told her there was no monster in her closet as I picked her up told her she could sleep with us tonight.

I figured that was the safest way off getting her out of the house without him realizing I saw him.

by Monghostwriter



I had a dream I was being dragged to hell, burning and writhing in agony.

I woke up with the doctor standing over me saying “whew, we’d lost you for a few minutes”.

by Monechetti



Pizza guy delivered my pizza and said “Enjoy it you two”.

I was just glad I wasn’t the only one that saw it.

by Meatloaf_Hitler



Claire adored her blue-eyed, black-haired little doll so much that she played with her everyday; until one day she ripped her head off.

Now the doll plays alone.

by divyanshdubey



“I’ve always wondered, what’s the scythe for, anyway?” I asked, as Death escorted me to the underworld.”

“Protection,” he answered nervously.

by shoutsfrombothsides



My brother and I sat down with the ouija board, and both place our hands on the planchette,

He said “Cole are you here with me?” 

I moved the planchette to yes.

by Magical77



After the final push, I didn’t know what was more frightening.

The fact that my baby wasn’t screaming, or because the doctor was.

by CreamySpudz



They said it was normal for the black hole to look like an eye.

That was before it blinked.

by TheSebtacular



The scary part wasn’t that all the lights in the house suddenly turned off.

It was that Alexa said “no” when I asked her to turn them back on.

by AlienRouge



I was always told not to play with my food, as it is a blessing to eat.

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