How to save money when you are young, dumb and broke


I’m a writer, so I know all about being broke. I’ve spent huge chunks of my life that way – particularly when I was young (if there’s anything that earns less money than a writer it’s a young writer). And so I know all about how it feels to be broke.

Of course, that alone won’t help you much. Sympathy doesn’t get you out of trouble.

Fortunately, I haven’t just been broke, I’ve worked my way out of it (several times as a matter of fact – another problem with being a writer is that fortune is often as fickle as the wind). In the process I’ve learned more than my fair share of tricks. Today I’m going to share a few with you.

Have a goal

The first thing that you need to do is have a goal, preferably one that is SMART. If you’re in debt, then you want to figure out when you want to be out of it. If you want to save for school, then work out how much you’ll need and when you’ll need it by.

Once you’ve got a time line and a financial target in mind, break it down to a yearly basis, a monthly basis, a weekly basis and even day by day. This is very important, as this will take your goal from being some abstract number in the future, into something you have to save every day in order to get there. And that will make each financial decision seem all the more relevant.

Sweat the small stuff

Don’t just try to save money on the big stuff, try to save money on the small stuff as well. Seriously, if every day you’re getting yourself a coffee for $3 dollars, that means you’re spending $21 dollars a week, $84 dollars a month and more than a thousand per year! On coffee!

So, don’t have that coffee, that sandwich, or that ice cream from the corner shop. Instead make it at home and bring it in.

Can’t do that? Then consider downgrading. Do you really need that double shot cucaracha macchiato latte with syrup shaved off a penguin’s nipples? How about just having a black coffee? Is it really that much worse?

Also, you can try to use your imagination and instead of buying expensive holidays presents save some money and make it by yourself.

If you manage to shave $3 dollars a day off your spendings on stuff like this, then you’ll – you guessed it – save more than a 1000 dollars in a year.

Don’t think negative

And with that I don’t mean, ‘don’t have a negative mind set’. That’s ultimately up to you. What I mean is that if you’re trying to save money, the thing not to do is think about what you should stop doing. You see, the thing about thinking about what we should stop doing focuses our attention on it. For example, if I ask you to not think of a white polar bear, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?


  1. I would not save money. Get up and earn what you need for the day. Tomorrow is not promised and no one has ever attacked or bothered me when it was obvious I had nothing….I am all but slaughtered the minute I do have something and/or giving the perception I have something. Example: high school, I had nothing. I worked all the time because my Dad rarely had a job and my Mom likes big houses and lotsa’ things….she killed his Amex card, I thought he was finally done after that, but nope…… I was given my first car by a grandparent because the folks needed me working….but I personally had nothing….and to stupid at first to realize the only reason most were showing/expressing sudden and random interest was because they saw $$$$….it took awhile but I finally met someone who had lived there since birth and he told me my folks bought one of the original builders homes….he said if I wanted to see and know how different my home was from the others I should visit my neighbors more until they invite me inside….he did not lie or exaggerate….some homes were definitely decorated nicer, but my home was massive/swallowed most other homes in that area….I was constantly attacked or wrestling/fighting off the overly friendly who perceived me as having some sort of wealth due to this and revenge rumors of exes….had they asked they would have found out my parents got a deal because the builder was shot in a hunting accident and his wife just wanted out of there….it was so much fun living there….the nightmares are endless….love is grand….k, now my happy broke self is going to go meditate and pray for many….namaste ✌️